Welcome! This is the bamboo blind material ordering application, and price calculator.

Filling out the form is considered an order only if you provide personal information as well. The form may be used without any obligation to find out about the prices.

To complete the order, you must enter a valid email address and phone number. This way you will recieve notification of your order.

You can change the parameters by pressing the "Back" button until the submission of your order. (Be careful not to use the browser's "Back" button).

If you have a European tax number and want to buy at a net price, please indicate that in the comment box at the end of the order.

On one form only one type of blind material (e.g. BC09) with one type of mechanism (e.g. 1G, 2G or 2R) can be ordered at a time. However, of the same material and mechanism you can order several pieces with different dimensions.

You can order custom-made blinds by e-mail only.

A blind counts as custom-made when its shape is not rectangular.
In that case, please, send us the dimensions of the blind to the following email address info@naturtrend.com(if needed enclose a draft as well)