Naturtrend Impex
City: Szeged
Street: Viola u. 1.
Country: Hungary
Zip code: H-6771
Mobil phone: +36-20/450-63-85 (In English, between 16 - 19; GMT+1) Lajos Toth
E-mail: info(at) (do not forget to change the (at) to @)
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Our international tax number: HU14926471
We are registered by the “Csongrád Megyei Biróság” under Nr: Cg.06-09-014546

If you interested in our parcel post fees. Please, jump on the end of this page.
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So far as you like some of our products, you see them on the monitor but you would like to take on your hands and see. Please, contact with us we can send sample free of charge most of our product (molding, crown molding ogee, rattan, material for door panel). We send the samples without postage fee to the European country, but outside of Europe we ask the postage fee. Please, also contact us if you need more photos, detailed descriptions.
If you would like to buy our products, we receive order by e-mail or fax. In the case of the customized, tailor-made products (for example mission trellis from wood) we ask 30 % as payment in advance to start the fabrication.

In the European Union if you wire in EURO currency by SEPA to the another member country, the fee will not be higher then an inland wire. Please, take attention , that choose the SEPA. Other case, the wire will slower and you must pay a notable fee for the wire.
If you wire £ British Pound you can send money as international wire by SWIFT.
After the wire, please, indicate us that which of our account you send the wire. This information need for us to receive and identify your wire. We accept payment by Paypal, also. In that case we need an additional 2% fee for the extra costs.


IBAN bank account Name of the bank Swift

IBAN GBP Bank Account (please use this to transfer £):

HU55 1040 2805 5052 6670 4955 1034

K&H Bank


IBAN Euro Bank Account in Hungary:

HU24 1040 2805 5052 6670 4955 1010

K&H Bank


IBAN Euro Bank Account in Slowaky:

SK37 1111 0000 0011 6767 4001

Unicredit Bank


IBAN Euro Bank Account in Germany:

DE57 7406 2786 0001 8733 77

Raiffeisen Bank


How can I pay by credit card?

Paying by credit card is possible through PayPal bank, it does’nt need to have a PayPal account at all. Additional 2% fee will be added to the total price because of PayPal.

We will send a money request to you if you ask for credit card payment.

Click on "Pay Now" button on the bottom of the mail.

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On the appearing page please check the amount of the money and press "Continue".

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All price include the VAT (Value Added Taxes!)
We send the ordered product by parcel post on the charge of customer. The fee of breakage resisting packing is 1 €. We could not be responsible for damages arose from the carriage.

  • If you a private customer from the European Union you see your prices

  • If you a firm in the European Union and you have valid EU Community VAT identification number. and certify it for us: you must make a copy or scan the paper of your EU Community VAT number and send a declaration you have right to buy without VAT. We can merchandise on net price (83,33%) for you.

Naturtrend Impex
6771 Szeged, Viola u. 1.

Carrying cost

We are carrying anywhere in the EU, but there are too many countries and the cost is highly differs from Greece to Finland for example. Plese request the exact price by sending a message to us.

Carrying cost to the UK:

  • Bambus rollos: 4£

  • Other products: 10£

Naturtrend Impex
6771 Szeged, Viola u. 1.

EU = European Union: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
Cane webbing, rattan wallboard, coconut fiber, chair cane, bamboo stick, door panels, unique sized bamboo blinds
Rattan nádszövet, falvédő, falburkolatok, apácarács, intarzia, fa stukkó, díszéc, Faragott szegőléc, fafaragás, bambusz roló, római roló, , bambusz lambéria, faldekor.
Prodaja španjolske i ratan trske, duboreza i lajsni od punog drveta. Bambusni štapovi i rolete.
žaluzie z bambusu, ratanové vlákno, oprava židlí ratanem, dřevěné ozdoby na skříně, orámování obrazů, dřevěná lišta na nábytek, lamberie
Rzeźbione drewno, intarsja, rzeźbione listwy, rolety bambusowe, plecionki z trzciny rattanowej, trzcina peddig i materiały bambusowe dla zwolenników trendu naturalnego.
Bambusleisten für Wandsvertäfelung, Bambusmeterware, Heimwerkern mit Intarsien, Thonet und Rattan
Bambus-Leisten, Bambus Meterware, naturprodukt Bambus, Thonet, Intarsien, Rattan, Windschutz
Bambus-Leisten, Bambus Meterware, naturprodukt Bambus, Thonet, Intarsien, Rattan, Windschutz
Vendita bambù in rotoli dalle canne di bambù, tende e tapparelle in bambù su ordine, intarsio, paglia di Vienna, tessuti di rattan, sagome scolpite, grigliati in bambù, midollo ratan e su ordine, di propria produzione capitelli, rosette, decori centrali
decor bamboo in role, jaluzele (pergole, storuri, rulouri) din bambus, intarsii, reparatii scaune thonett, impletituri din rattan, paie de Viena, miez rattan, baghete (frize, sipci) din lemn, stalpi si sipci din bambus, grilaj de bambus, la comanda sculpturi din lemn (rozete, capiteluri, aplicatii), orice model
Prodavnica repro materijala od bambusa , trske i drveta za dekoraciju enterijera.
predvyrobené intarzie, bambusové žaluzie, dizajnérske nápady z bambusu, objednateľné fronty dverí, vyrezávané ornamenty
Cane webbing, rattan wallboard, coconut fiber, chair cane, bamboo stick, door panels, unique sized bamboo blinds
filet marqueterie, moulure bois décorative, ornement bois, pied meuble, rempailler une chaise, rotin naturel, baguette decorative, bois lambris, bois marqueterie, le cannage, cimaise moulure, moulure décorative,store en bambou sur mesure, tige bambou